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Gastronomy of Menorca

Menorca enjoys a gastronomic tradition that has been transmitted orally from generation to generation, faithful to its origin and that summarizes the essence of the people of this land: simple, calm and know how to enjoy the life and the fruits that his island offers.

Menorca keeps its taste for traditional foods and the preparation of dishes with the products of the season. And for a few years now, the island's cuisine is experiencing a new golden age: cooking is today more alive than ever; gastronomic workshops focusing on a product, quality and guarantee labels have been created and new techniques and ingredients have been introduced. Minorca cuisine has recovered its prestige and its apparent simplicity hides the touch of genius, legacy of the many civilizations that have inhabited the Island. The fact of being surrounded by the sea, with scarce natural resources, has remarkably marked the gastronomy.

For centuries, a subsistence kitchen has been practiced, taking advantage of the food that the land and the sea offer. And of the necessity, it has become a virtue: the imagination is fired in order to obtain great dishes from small ingredients. Many of the exquisitenesses that the visitor will find in Minorca have their origin in the dishes that sailors improvised in the sea, with the freshly caught fish.

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