Minorca shelters, houses or campings

In accordance with Law 10/2022, of 23 December, on educational leisure for children and young people in the Balearic Islands:


Art. 23.1: "Children's and youth facilities are infrastructures specifically intended to accommodate children and young people as part of the development of children's and youth educational leisure activities or to provide temporary accommodation for young people for work or training issues. Excluded are facilities that don’t have an exclusive orientation for children and youth, which are subject to the regulations specific to the type of construction or activity in question.

Art. .23.2: "To be considered as such, children's and youth facilities must have a clear pedagogical and/or social purpose that must be reflected in their educational project and in their ordinary activity."

Art. 23.4.a): "Hostel for the leisure of children and youth: establishment that is intended to provide accommodation, through rooms for collective use, to young people and groups of young people that offers different services and spaces shared with other users to facilitate the their self-organization and interrelation...............»

Art. 23.4.b): "Children's and youth camp: outdoor equipment in which the accommodation is in tents or other similar portable elements, with a series of fixed elements, properly conditioned to carry out leisure activities educational and leisure for children and young people.

Art. 24.4.c: "Holiday houses: establishment that is intended to provide accommodation to groups of children or young people participating in educational and leisure activities, under the conditions that are determined by regulation."

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